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Provides for BKI staff education and explanation of the BKI copyright process. Includes a link to the BKI Copyright Permissions Database and copyright training materials.

Copyright and AI


AI in education and navigating its acceptable use is currently a hot topic!

If you would like to know if you can use content produced by a generative AI tool as part of your research in preparing teaching resources, please check with your Program Lead or Department Manager.

Please note that there are potential risks including possible compliance breaches associated with using information from generative AI sources. You may find that the information and/or attribution given is out of date or otherwise incorrect and should not be treated as an academic and/or credible source.

If you would like information on how to create references from generative AI sources, please see the library services referencing page. For further information about copyright and AI, please contact the Copyright Librarian. 

Section 113P Notice can be included on print and electronic resources (replaces Part V5)

PLEASE NOTE: BKI does NOT have a Statutory Broadcast Licence.

The majority of TAFE institutes are no longer covered by the Statutory Broadcast Licence. (Only a handful of WA and NSW TAFE Institutes have the Statutory Broadcast Licence)

**Already embedded in MyLearning**

BKI Copyright Process - third party content

Copyright Permissions Database

Search the Copyright Permissions Database for existing resources that BKI has permission to use.

Please check the Terms of Use for the resource you want to use.

Complete 'Adding permission to the Copyright Permissions Database form' to have your permission uploaded to the database.

Template for permission

You can use this template when requesting permission alternatively an email simply requesting permission from the copyright owner will suffice.

Permission request statement to use an in an email/chat message:

Bendigo Kangan Institute wish to request ongoing permission to reproduce (description of resource/work) owned by (name of copyright owner) please. This is for the educational purpose of using this work(s) in courseware in both hard copy and electronic delivery via our institute’s password protected learning management system.

Important provisions introduced in the Copyright Amendment Act 2017

Fair Dealing is one of the exceptions to copyright infringement. The Copyright Act provides that copying more than a reasonable portion of a work for the purposes of research or study, criticism or review, news reporting or parody and satire will be fair dealing.

*Please read the following links carefully around permission for use*

Information resources

1,2,3 of copyright at BKI - recommendations from the copyright audit 2021

1. Link don't upload

2. Attribute compliant images

3. Label BKI IP

BKI Copyright Compliance Guidelines

Read the guidelines to understand your obligations under Copyright Law and the process to be followed when using copyright materials at BKI.

There is a Copyright tab on the library's website for students to access information regarding their responsibilities.

Fact sheets for teachers - includes attribution information

Intellectual Property

BKI attribution statement - © BKI or Kangan Institute or Bendigo TAFE, [day/month/year].

Please use this attribution to label all content created for work purposes

Images for Educational Use - including Shutterstock licence

Click the link below for suggested websites for finding images for educational use.
Always check the terms and conditions of each site for copyright.
Attribution of images is always required under Australian copyright legislation.

Sound & Music for Educational Use

Click the links below for suggested websites for finding sound and music for educational use.
Always check the terms and conditions of each site for copyright and attribution requirements.

Copyright Videos - created in 2014 (note: some information has changed)

Ask us a question

If you have an enquiry about copyright, please complete this form and a Copyright Librarian will assist you:)

Otherwise contact: Vicki Newman-Kemp, Copyright Librarian, Ph: 9279-2597,

Copyright feedback form

If you have feedback about how we can improve the Copyright Portal, our tools and our processes, please fill out this form.

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